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Make written Bible translations accessible to the global church.

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Cross Platform

Cross Platform

Writer is accessible on Android devices and Windows, Linux, and Apple computers.

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Translation Resources

Writer offers a wealth of information that enable translators to create clear, natural, and accurate translations.

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Cloud Backup

Work done in Writer can be safely stored in our online Content Server. This is a safe and effective way to backup your data or collaborate with other translators.

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Multi-Language Keyboard

Writer supports keyboards in up to 15 different languages, with more in development.

Core Features

These are some of the key reasons for why you should use Writer.

Getting Started

There are plenty of resources available to you to help get you started or unblocked.

More documentation can be found over at Read the Docs

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Help Desk

Our tech support team is happy to help you solve any problem you have. You can submit a ticket or reach us directly at [email protected].

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Translation Resources

Looking for source text or audio to start your next translation project? We have plenty of free text and audio resources available in several different languages.

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Get started translating Scripture today and help make the Word of God accessible to everyone around the world.

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