Free Bible Translation Tools for the Global Church

Bible Translation Tools is an online repository for open-licensed translation software. Contributors from all over the world have built software and systems to enable the Global Church to translate scripture for itself.


The goal of translating God’s Word into every language took a giant step toward reality when our BTT Writer app was released for free download in the Google Play store and then later for desktop computers.

The app’s resource section provides a wealth of information on key terms and how to overcome translation challenges to assist local translators in creating Bible translations that are accurate, clear, and natural. Collaboration tools enable any number of people to work together, online or offline, to draft and revise their work for the best possible result.

Group 9291

Millions of people speak languages that are unwritten. BTT Writer has subsequently been joined by BTT Recorder, an app to help with oral-to-oral Bible Translation.


Exciting advances in technology, coupled with the dedicated work of national translators, give you more opportunities than ever before to participate in the urgent, eternally significant calling of sharing Christ with people of every language.


Translate written Bible content using a simple interface, translation helps, and open-source scriptures. Texts available in dozens of languages.


Record and lightly edit audio Bible translations and narrations in thousands of languages using an Android tablet.


Collaboratively check, back up, and process the audio files generated by BTT Recorder during oral Bible translation


Easily transform USFM files, created in BTT Writer or other software, into a more accessible format, like PDF.

Group 9264

Produce MAST compliant audio translations and make God’s word accessible to the world.

Group 9265

Easily transform USFM files, created in BTT Writer or other software, into a more accessible format, like PDF.


These Bible Translation resources are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license so they can be translated into any language, anywhere, at any time, and by anyone—without copyright restrictions. You will find translation resources to support your project from start to finish.


These questions are designed to help the translators check for comprehension related to specific books of the Bible.


Verse-by-verse translation helps for translators. Topics include pronouns, implicit information, cultural information, figures of speech and more. These notes also include book level introductions and chapter level notes.


A list of important biblical words along with their definitions and translation suggestions.

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