Helping Facilitate Church Owned Bible Translation

Bible Translation Tools is an online repository for open-licensed translation software. Contributors from all over the world have built software and systems to enable the Global Church to translate scripture for itself.

Translation Tools

Orature App Logo

Orature is an oral translation tool built for the oral community.

Writer App Logo

Writer is an open source utility for translating the bible into any written language.

Recorder Logo

Recorder provides a mobile friendly interface to record the Bible in an audio format.

Exchanger App Logo

Exchanger provides users with a way to backup audio files and collaborate with each other.

USFM Converter App Logo

USFM Converter transforms USFM files into more accessible formats.


VMAST is a virtual online program that allows a translator to collaborate with others to draft and check their translation using the MAST methodology.

Converter App Logo

Converter allows you to migrate or make adjustments to recorded content at the project level.

Chunk Browser Full

This application can import and identify verses within tR audio file chunks. After importing tR audio files containing verses, you may selectively split verses into separate files and merge verses into a chunk audio file, all while maintaining the tR metadata.

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