Your Free and Powerful Solution to Oral Translation.

Easily Record, Edit, and Manage your work.
Supports thousands of languages.
Runs on Android Devices and some Chromebooks.




Source Audio

Recorder gives you access to source audio during the translation process.



Recorder’s built in management allows you to organize your recordings as you work.


Works with Exchanger

Recorder is integrated with Exchanger, a collaboration platform for checking and managing audio translations.


Record your Voice

With BTT Recorder, begin translating the Bible into your heart language.

Features include:

  1. View Project Information
  2. Increment to different verses or chapters.
  3. Displays recorded audio as a waveform.
  4. Indicates volume of microphone input.
  5. Plays source audio
  6. Begins recording of translation.

You can record as many attempts as you want, so don’t worry if you make a mistake.

Fine tune your Recording

Once you are happy with the recording you have made, it’s time to get it ready for consumption. BTT Recorder makes the edit and review step simple.

Features include:

  1. Insert verse markers.
  2. Rate your takes.
  3. Make edits directly to the recording.
  4. Compare with source audio.
  5. Review your recorded audio

Manage your Projects

With BTT Recorder, begin translating the Bible into your heart language.

Features include:

  1. Create projects from thousands of languages
  2. See your progress as you translate a project and keep track of your chapter checking levels.
  3. Listen, Delete, and Rate audio recordings.
  4. Share your work with others or upload it to BTT Exchanger.

Available on Android. For Free.

BTT Recorder is available today, for free, through the Google Play Store. We recommend running BTT Recorder on an Android tablet, but it can also run on some Chromebooks.


Looking for help?

Whether you prefer directly reaching out to our support team or looking through user guides, we have everything you need to get back on track


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We keep older application updates available on Github in case the current version causes issues on devices.

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