If you have any questions or concerns about the surveys, please reach out to Each survey also has a download option. Feel free to download and print the surveys if you plan on not having a reliable internet connection.

Team Lead Survey

Time to complete: ~1 minute

This survey should be completed by whoever facilitates the survey process . It only needs to be completed once per event, ideally after the translator surveys are complete. Only the person that facilitates the surveys need to complete this.

MAST Survey

Time to complete: ~ 2-5 minutes / person

The information this survey asks for is non-identifiable, which means the information can't be used to identify any specific person. We will use the information to help make Bible translation tools easier to use and more accessible.

How will this help?

To make sure the information we collect is accurate, a minimum of 60 responses need to be collected for each major region. These responses should be somewhat evenly distributed through that region as well. The information we gather from this will go a long ways to helping move Bible translation forward in a number of important areas.

  1. Build Personas
    Personas are fictional users whose goals and characteristics represent the needs of a larger group of users. They are backed by real data collected through various methods and help to promote empathy for our users within the product team.
    This survey will help answer one of our most important questions, which is “Who are we building this product for?” If we understand our users more, the products we build will be that much more successful.


  1. User Testing
    We can’t always travel overseas every time we want to test a new feature or design. We can use the information from this survey to screen for potential users to test with, right here in Orlando.
    This means we can do more testing, much more often, and for a lot less money. This ensures that products that are sent to the field have been refined several times over and should be much easier to use.


  1. Provide Direction
    The data you help us gather can help in making design decisions. Rather than debating how large a button should be or what features should be prioritized, we can reference the data to make better informed decisions on what best serves our users.


Facilitator Instructions

The survey quota should be easily met if just one translator is surveyed each day of the event. The process should take less than an hour to complete per event.

Facilitators and other support staff are encouraged to fill the MAST Survey as well, but their submissions do not count towards the total quota. The same steps should be followed regardless of who is being surveyed.

**Note: Please try to avoid surveying people more than once, even across multiple events if possible**

  1. Randomly select a participant.

    To do this, you can assign a number to each translator at the event, write it down on a slip of paper, and randomly pull one out. This ensures that no favoritism or personal bias affects the outcome of the survey.

  2. Survey participants one at a time.

    One survey should be completed for each participant. They should be surveyed separately.

  3. Translate the form (Optional).

    The online forms can be translated to over 70 languages by using your browser of choice. Click on your browser choice for help on doing this.
    ***Chrome (Recommended)***


    Internet Explorer


  4. Fill out the form.

    You may have the participant fill the form out themselves, or a facilitator can fill it out for them by asking the questions and recording the answer in the form.